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Second edition of the “Studying in Tuscany” event!

By Valeria Piantedosi  /  6 September 2022
🗓️SAVE THE DATE 👉5 OCT 2022 (5-7 PM)   TOUR4EU, the Association that brings together the seven prestigious Tuscan universities,...
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Il rapporto di attività 2021 di TOUR4EU è online

By Valeria Piantedosi  /  26 July 2022
Il Report 2021, che potrete trovare integralmente al link, è il risultato della nostra analisi, con una panoramica approfondita e...
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Le sinergie tra Horizon Europe, i Fondi strutturali e altri programmi: incontro operativo

By Valeria Piantedosi  /  14 July 2022
Si è svolto in data 14 luglio 2022, in videoconferenza, un incontro operativo nazionale sulle sinergie tra Horizon Europe, i...
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Nuovo vademecum sui fondi europei per enti regionali e nazionali

By Operator T4EU  /  28 February 2021
Regole sulle sinergie nei programmi europei BRUXELLES – Un nuovo strumento di lavoro a disposizione di enti regionali e nazionali impegnati...
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According to the European Commission’s portal, the Tuscan universities have won 443 Horizon 2020 projects in the 2014-2020 seven-year period and received a total of 185 million EU funds, including 42 ERC (European Research Council) projects of great European scientific prestige.

The extensive reorganisation within the European Research Offices of the Universities associated with the creation of TOUR4EU has certainly contributed to the growth of the results obtained in the last three years. The contribution of TOUR4EU to attract European resources in Tuscany is mainly linked to a logic of service, partner search and support to the same Universities competing in the highly competitive EU projects.

After two years of activity, TOUR4EU won in July 2020 its first European Horizon 2020 project as an “autonomous partner” which kicked off in March 2021. The name of the project is ‘EuComMeet’. It is coordinated by the University of Siena and it aims to explore under which conditions deliberation and representation can be an effective response to the challenges facing representative liberal democracies.

  • EUComMeet

The EuComMeet project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme last March 2020, has the objective to develop innovative spaces for participatory deliberation by adopting an innovative m4d2 (multi-stage, multi-level, multi-mode, multi-lingual and dynamic deliberative) approach…

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Sources : Toscana OpenResearch / MIUR / Horizon 2020 on 01/03/2021

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