TOUR4EU and the Tuscany Region Host the Kick-off Meeting of the FAMOS Project

On May 27, 2023, the kick-off meeting of the FAMOS project (Sustainable, Reliable, and Socially Acceptable Modular Floating Islands for Multi-use Offshore Spaces) took place in Brussels, hosted by TOUR4EU and the Tuscany Region. This meeting represents a crucial moment for the launch of an innovative and ambitious initiative aimed at addressing global challenges related to the growing world population and the need for new resources and spaces.

The FAMOS project, coordinated by Professor Lorenzo Cappietti from the University of Florence, is part of the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership. It aims to develop multifunctional modular floating islands capable of withstanding the extreme conditions of the Mediterranean, North, and Baltic Seas. The goal is to create sustainable, reliable, and socially acceptable offshore spaces that integrate renewable marine energy devices, such as wind, solar, and wave energy, with floating foundations, anchoring systems, and protective floating breakwaters.

The day began with opening remarks from Simona Costa, head of the TOUR4EU office, who emphasized the importance of the FAMOS project for developing innovative solutions in the maritime context. “This project represents a great opportunity to push the boundaries of research and innovation, making the most of marine resources in a sustainable way,” said Costa.

Professor Cappietti then outlined the main guidelines of the project, highlighting that FAMOS is not only focused on technological aspects but also on the climatological assessment of offshore regions and the social acceptability of the proposed solutions, to reduce the risks of conflict among different sea users.

During the meeting, project partners had the opportunity to discuss and define the next steps, consolidating an international collaboration involving experts and institutions from various European countries, including the Oceanographic Center of the University of Cyprus and the ancient Jagiellonian University of Krakow. The active participation and enthusiasm demonstrated by those present underscored a common determination to tackle the challenges posed by the FAMOS project.

With this initiative, TOUR4EU and the Tuscany Region reaffirm their role as leaders in promoting research and innovation at the European level, reiterating the importance of international cooperation in addressing major global challenges.